The 5 Biggest (and craziest) Myths in Fitness

Alright so weve all heard one thing or another when it comes to fitness and how to achieve those fitness goals we set for ourselves. Its unfortunate but much of what is heard everyday and on the internet is not true. Sos lets go and grab the biggest myths in fitness and break them down: The top 5 biggest myths in fitness.

Working Out everyday will build muscle the fastest

Many new souls and wannabe bodybuilders wander to the gym with unrealistic expectations, while some just dont know the basics to muscle growth and development. While it may seem at first true that the more you workout, the more muscle you will in turn put on, this isnt necessarily the truth. Muscle growth is dependent on your bodys ability to break down muscle fiber and rebuild it, at least thats what many leading scientist believe. This means after breaking the muscle down i.e. a workout, your body must have adequate time to rest and rebuild the muscle you broke down. Thats why many workout routines have gap day for your body to rest and rebuild it self. Heavy workouts everyday will over train your body and put stress on your muscles leading to problems including aches and injures.

A nutrition bar can substitute a meal

This one is very misunderstood for a variety of reasons. While its true there are many different kinds of protein and energy bars out there, the simple fact is that nothing can replace a full, balanced meal. Though the bar may advertise having all the calories or vitamins you may need, these ads can be misleading. A full meal will give you everything you need and you should always make time for it. Bars are mainly good for quick stacks before or after workouts or for holding you over till your next real meal.

Sports drinks are an enhanced form of water

Nothing replaces water. This is fact and no amount of advertising should lead you away from it. Sports drinks such as Gatorade are best for replenishing lost proteins your muscles lose during exercise. Besides this, water  is the king of drinks. In fact, some sports drinks will actually make you more dehydrated then before due to the high  amount of sugar in them. Your best bet is to drink water after you drink sports drink you so your body always has the necessary fluids it needs.

Breakfast isnt important before a workout

Another very common misconception. Many people take the morning jog or weight lift session and decide not to eat, but this is a bad decision. After your body makes up, its barely running on anything. Exercising without putting something in your system first is like driving a car thats near empty across the country. Now eating beforehand doesnt mean you have to eat a full four course meal, but grabbing something like a banana or a sports bar before your morning jog will be a lot better than nothing at all.

Exercise is the most important aspect of staying healthy

Dont get me wrong when I say that exercising is one of the most beneficial and important ways to take care of your body, there is no doubting that. But all the exercise in the world wont help anyone if you are ingesting crap right after your workout. The quote, you are what you eat, stands true here. Your body rebuilds the muscles and fibers you just broke down after your workout with the food you put into it. Food is your fuel!  This means that double cheeseburger or chicken wing basket wont due your body any favors and can very well make that workout you just did null overall. This rings especially true in terms a weightless. Without the right nutrients and carbs, your body wont do what you want it to do and with too many carbs and your body will basically do nothing at all. Just remember, you have to put in what you want out.